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Fantastic flavour, really good smell of coffee that draws you into the cup. Lovely.

Natalie Kirby

Coffee Lover

I’m in love! This is now a regular on my shopping list 🙂

Kim A

Beautiful fresh flavour. Smooth and lovely blend. Will definitely buy after trying this sample.

Jane B

Very delicate flavour. It was just what I wanted and needed to help get through the day.

Joey L

Brilliant coffee, perfect for your morning cup or an after dinner treat!

Abby B

Italian Gourmet. It was a strong tasting flavour ,very hearty with a bit of a kick ,maybe just that little bit strong for my taste, although my husband loved it, he is a coffee fanatic .

Tina F

Very nice coffee, smooth and full of flavour. Excellent start to the day!

Nadira M

absolutely delicious

Filippa W

Absolutely amazing. If you are a coffee lover you have to try this!

Dagmara K

I would highly recommend Coffee King Barista Premium to anyone because of it’s smooth & full flavour. Absolutely yummy xx

Linda F

Delicious! Thank you for sending me a sample to try 🙂 will definitely be ordering more.

Collette J

Very intense taste. I’m drinking coffee every morning before work and it’s making my day every day.

Ewa K

Barista Premium. Great coffee to help me wake me up in the morning…will be purchasing more soon as..the flavour and strength are second to none cant wait for more

Jon S


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