Keeping abreast of the latest trends, we’re interested to hear that the ‘super coffee’ has been highlighted as one of the most popular crazes for 2018.

‘Super coffees’ for the health-conscious who want to increase their vitamin and mineral intake while enjoying their favourite coffee with the addition of spices, seeds and flavours that are intended to boost the drinker’s health and vitality.

Consumers are jumping on this new trend, according to Pinterest, with more people wanting to transform their usual pick-me-up drink with the addition of these superfoods, so it includes some great health benefits.

There are several things that can be added to a coffee to make it ‘super’, including chia seeds, maca, turmeric, oats, coconut sugar, almond milk, coconut oil, ginger, and even banana. You don’t need to go banana’s about it, try with your home made infusions.

Better still, enjoy awesome Coffee King blends unadulterated, add the super foods to the breakfast bowl instead!


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