Awesome coffee made easy...

Join us in our passion for great coffee, from just 17pence per double shot mug.

Your favorite coffee delivered weekly or monthly

Enjoy our exclusive Club package deal...

When you join our Coffee Club, you get the Club 10% discount on every subscription order. Plus another 40% off your 1st Order while the above ‘coupon code’ lasts.

EASY TO ORDER ~ Simple choice and regular delivery, weekly or monthly.

OUR COFFEE BLENDS are created to deliver an extraordinary cup of joe. Discover how good, good coffee should be – simply brew the coffee in your favourite coffee maker. You’ll never like anything but ‘awesome’ ever again!

NO RISK ~ We’re sure you’ll love our coffee, if not we offer a no quibble money back guarantee.

GUIDE: How many grams of coffee?
Single Cup of Coffee: uses 7 grams of ground coffee (one shot)




Single Cup of Cappuchino: uses 7 grams of ground coffee (one shot)

Single Espresso Coffee: uses 7 grams of ground coffee (one shot)

A Large Cappuchino: uses 14 grams of ground coffee (a double shot)

A Mug of Coffee: A domestic mug uses 14 grams of coffee (a double shot)

250g Coffee King Pack:  will make 35.7 Cups of Coffee (single shots)

250g Coffee King Pack:  will make 17.8 Mugs of Coffee (double shots)

1 Kg Coffee King Pack: will make 71 Mugs of Coffee (double shots)

4 x 250g packs: Are equal to a 1kg coffee pack.

For optimum fresh taste: Once opened, use the pack within two weeks.

GUIDE: How many packs each month?
1 x 250g Pack will make approx 36 cups of coffee (single shots). 

1 x 250g pack will make approx 17 mugs of coffee (double shots).

4 x 250g packs are equal to 1kg pack. 
For optimum fresh taste, once opened, use the pack within two weeks.

Seriously good coffee from the passionate Coffee Kings. With direct sourcing we can get the best beans, at the best prices, for simply the best cup of coffee you ever had.


Company number 10480003

Clifton House Ashville Point, Sutton Weaver, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 3FW

Gateway House, Gateway West, Newburn Riverside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE15 8NX

Telephone: 03300 415 435

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